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This uplifting blend was created in honor of feeling the strength of our ancestors. With the essence of the trees with Amber and Cedarwood along with the vital awareness rosemary brings, people find themselves standing taller and breathing deeper.

May you feel seen, heard and powerful. 

Empowered Clarity of Cedarwood & Amber

Plants. Beauty. Vitality. 



  • gently shake the bottle to activate smells
  • roll on temples, behind the ears, under the nose & any other place that desires to be adorned
  • take a deep breath in and allow the smells and sensation of clarity hum throughout your body
  • continue your day and evening with the confidence and vibrancy. 


Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Organic & Sustainably harvested Rosemary, Cedarwood and Amber Essential Oils, Love 


“I feel my body receive this smell and this energy in such a powerful way.”


“My go-to. I feel myself stand taller when wearing Earth Oil”


3ml blue roll on bottle 

Hand crafted in San Francisco


* Please store in a cool/dark place for longevity of our products.


Earth Oil

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